Fleet Repair Services

At Quality Auto Repairs, we have been offering personal and commercial vehicle repairs to customers in the Greater Toronto Area since 1994. We pride ourselves on providing a friendly, dedicated and reliable auto repair service in Toronto that ensures that our clients continue to return to us year after year.

We run a family-owned and operated business and we apply our values about hard work and trustworthiness to our approach in business. This ensures that every one of our customers has an exceptional repair experience at our shop and that your vehicle is always fixed both swiftly and efficiently. When it comes to securing a quick, reliable and effective truck repair, Toronto area businesses know that Quality Auto Repairs is the most cost-effective and dependable provider in this part of Ontario.

Providing High-Quality Fleet Repair Services For Over Two Decades

After our many decades in the field of auto repair, we’re aware that running a successful business that involves freight or travel in any way means that your fleet of vehicles must always be in exceptional working order. Your firm’s financial well-being and personal reputation are on the line when you can’t fulfill your obligations due to mechanical faults with your trucks. That’s why our repair shop offers a wide range of fleet repair services to ensure that our business clients always have trucks in perfect working order. 

Whether your company’s vehicles require a regular maintenance check to keep operations running smoothly or you have a specific mechanical concern affecting one or more of the trucks in your fleet, our team of licenced technicians can assist you with all of your firm’s needs. Regardless of the number and type of vehicles that your firm has, our team at Quality Auto Repairs can assist you in getting your fleet of trucks up and running and maintaining them as time goes on.

Exceptional Fleet Repair Services in Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton and Burlington

Just like with our wide range of services for personal customers, we provide an extensive array of mechanical service options for our business clientele. 

First and foremost, our technical team can ensure that we provide your firm with regular maintenance checks on all of the vehicles in your fleet. This means that we can conduct a regular full vehicle inspection and health check, which includes looking over aspects such as the fluids, filters, tires, exhaust, suspension and brakes. These are all components of the truck that are heavily used when you’re operating them for regular business purposes and it’s essential to ensure that they are fully and frequently assessed. 

In particular, when drivers are using their trucks for many hours on the road, it’s important to ensure that the heating and air conditioning systems are in full working order. If any of the trucks in your fleet are encountering malfunctions in their cooling and heating systems, our technicians will be able to locate and fix the problem quickly.

At Quality Auto Repairs, we can also use our comprehensive technological equipment to ensure that all aspects of your trucks’ computer and electrical systems are operating as they should. We have access to several high-quality diagnostic tools, such as those offered by BMW & VW and three of these devices have also been updated to scan any vehicle. 

We can also provide computer software calibrations and use our Pico Lab Scope to quickly fix any electrical issues. Your truck’s electrical circuit and components are a crucial part of the vehicle’s overall ability to function effectively and safely, which is why it’s essential to make sure that a licenced technician takes a look at any issues and provides a solution right away. If you’re looking for a swift and reliable truck repair, Toronto area businesses can contact us today for more information about our services or book a free appointment at our shop.

Building Long Term Relationships with Local Businesses

As a longstanding auto repair business in the Greater Toronto Area, we know that it’s essential to build enduring relationships with our commercial clients. We pride ourselves on offering a personal and tailored service to each of our customers, regardless of the size or scale of their business. We aim to combine a friendly approach, dedication to exceptional customer service, a high level of technical knowledge and results-oriented service. 

We take great joy in forging long term relationships with businesses across the GTA as we provide routine maintenance and fast repair services to their fleet of trucks whenever the need arises. Our clients know that as soon as they require any kind of auto repair service they can call our team and be reassured that their vehicle is in the best hands.

We are particularly committed to providing a supportive and thorough fleet repair service for small firms and startups. We can assist local tradesmen with maintaining their crucial personal work vehicle, as well as servicing several vehicles at once for larger and more established companies. As our clients with small businesses grow and adapt, our team at Quality Auto Repairs is always around to assist them with their expanding fleet of trucks. We always aim to provide a meticulous service, whether it involves a detailing job or a transmission overhaul, for all of our customers. If you’ve been looking for a reliable commercial truck repair near you, contact a member of the team today to get your vehicle booked in.

Contact Us Today About Our Fleet Repair Services in Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton and Burlington

If you have a business in the Toronto area that requires fleet repair services, Quality Auto Repairs is here to assist you with all of your vehicular needs. Regardless of the size of your business and the type of trucks you use, our licenced technicians can provide routine maintenance or provide advice about a more comprehensive repair job. 

If you’re a new or small business that has been looking for fleet repair near me, our experienced and friendly team is ready to help you take the best care of your investment. For more information about our wide range of fleet repair services, you can contact us today on 416-636-9335 or stop by our auto repair shop and a member of our staff will be happy to speak with you.